A Short Story

“Man is not dead until he is forgotten.” Obelusa was a great and wealthy African hunter who had 3 sons. One day Obelusa was killed while hunting and when news of this reached his family, the first words to come out of the youngest son’s mouth was “Where is my father?” The other sons then … Continue reading A Short Story

For Andrea

When I am in my “me” time, my 15 minutes of bliss where I get to have a time to do nothing and just be, I usually have a cup of coffee because coffee is my “me time buddy” and I start to muse on things that soothes my mind. Remembering a good movie perhaps … Continue reading For Andrea

Wishes for My Mother

Last month we celebrated Mother’s Day and I wrote this for my mother as a gift.  If I could I would celebrate Mother’s Day with my mama every day.   She lives nearby and I have lunch with her together with my other brothers and sisters and their kids (we are a big family! ) … Continue reading Wishes for My Mother